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Waistgate actuator:

Sensor position of the waistgate:

Closed: 4.1V; Open 0.3V

Pinout connector

Pin Color Function
1 Green Motor PWM +
2 Yellow/White 5V
3 Black Ground
4 Yellow Position sensor, linear hall effect sensor
5 Gray Motor PWM -

The motor takes 6A to actuate.

The actuator can be relearned, waistegate linkage function.

Nut 2 may not be adjusted.
Release lock nut 1 using 2 open-end spanners.
The adjustment nut 2 is secured with the 2nd open-end spanner
The retaining clip on the waistgate linkage may not be released
Installation Note:
    Only replacing the waistgate valve controller
  The ajust nuts 1 and 2 may only countered by using two open-end spanners
  Using just one open-end spanner my risk damaging the electrical actuator
Installation note:
  Shorten adjustment travel (-)
  Increase adustment travel (+)
  To ensure a reliable setting of the adjsutment travel, both adjusting nuts must be
  marked with a colored mark.
   One full turn fo the adjustment  nut corresponds to an adjustment travel of 0.75 mm.
   Example 1:
   Actual velue measured by the diagnostics function: +0.75 mm
   Required correction +0.75 => +1.0 turns.
   6 Nm torc

Waistgate position sensor cycle

Bottom line is the waistgate cycle on ignition on.

Is on 70% when ignition is off.
When ignition get on it goes to 100% (closed) to 0% (open) and then to almost closed.



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